5 Steps to Getting the Best Psychic Reading of Your Life

Best Psychic Reading

Years ago when I lived in New York City, I saw a one-man show featuring an incredibly gifted psychic who possessed the rare gift of ESP. As a working psychic myself, I was fascinated by his unique abilities. His name was Sebastian Black and it appeared that not only could he read minds, but he could insert ideas and imagery into the minds of others as well. I volunteered for one of his demonstrations. About six of us were told to flip through a deck of cards featuring shapes. We were instructed to pull whichever card resonated with us, then hide it behind our back. Sebastian told us to picture the shape in our mind. We took a moment to concentrate and make the shape as clear as possible. Walking down the line of us, Sebastian pointed at each volunteer and immediately guessed their shape. Each person flipped their card around and the audience clapped like crazy. However, one of the volunteers was a skeptic. This person had been dragged to the show by his girlfriend and could not stop rolling his eyes. When Sebastian reached him, it took an extra moment to guess the shape. Sebastian struggled a little and I could feel that the skeptic was not picturing it in his mind. It was only a moment until Sebastian guessed it, but it disrupted his flow. Sebastian said to him, “There’s one of you in every crowd,” and we all laughed.

When Sebastian reached me, I pushed my image out of my mind, holding it in front of my body. There is indeed one of these skeptics in every crowd, and I had given readings at enough parties and events to want to help my fellow psychic in this moment. Sebastian didn’t even pause. He instantly guessed my image, and I happily turned my card around to reveal the star he saw. I was still learning how to use my gifts and I will never forget this moment. Sebastian pointed at me and said, “Good sending!”

Every time I gave a reading after that to someone who was difficult to read, I would realize, “This person doesn’t know how to send.” 

These people feel clogged, almost like their spirit is suffering from a bad cold and their sinuses are jammed up. Over the years, I have discovered many ways to open the channel between psychic and client to improve the experience for both parties. 

1) Get Your Body in the Game

Your body is your anchor, vehicle, house, and bouncy castle to your soul. You have got to honor it and accept the effects it has on your spirit. I ask every person I read to refrain from alcohol, caffeine, animal products, and non-prescription drugs for at least 24 hours before I read them. This raises your vibration, clears your mind, brightens your entire aura, and so much more. You are rewarded for work in this life. This minor adjustment can help bring your angels into view, as well as things you’ll find hard to believe. I can always tell at the beginning of the reading who followed this advice and who didn’t. Those who do have so much more come through that sometimes I have to ask their guides to stop speaking over each other. Another absolutely amazing trick to raise your vibration quickly is to sing, dance, or do yoga. These acts call in your mystical creatures like you wouldn’t believe and connect you instantly to a higher power. You also want to try to be alone for your reading. Even just sitting in your parked car far away from other people can help strengthen your connection to your reader and remove interference. 

2) Ask 

Your spirit guides cannot intervene unless you ask them to do so. They want to help, but you have to ask for it. This is why prayer can feel so powerful. The morning of your reading, take a moment to sit in a quiet place, either in the sunlight or at your sacred space. Ideally, you can stand barefoot on natural earth—not concrete—and perform this act. Wherever you do this, close your eyes and picture sending roots into Mama Earth. Picture your roots in gold or white (if a different color appears, definitely consult your psychic about it). As your roots reach down, feel the power of the planet that has accepted you as an honored guest. Ask Her to fill you with vitality and light. Next, call in your guides, healthy ancestors, angels, power animals, loved ones who have passed, and any deities you wish to work with—basically, your Woo Crew! Their favorite phrase to hear is, “I want to make you proud of me.” Ask them to start speaking to your psychic and share all the most important things you need to know. Give them permission to share any of your truths and secrets that will help your psychic to help you. When you perform all of this properly, your psychic might already have a message waiting for you at the start of your reading. Additionally, feel free to come prepared with a list of questions to ask your psychic! 

3) Be Realistic 

We all want to hear we’ll be rich and madly in love with our ideal soulmate. But sometimes there’s work that needs to happen first. These rewards never just fall into your lap. You made a soul contract with specific and tough lessons before you got here. A good psychic will focus on the blocks you need to remove to make space for the good stuff to come in. This usually results in a push you needed to end something that you already suspect hasn’t been working. You will always get news about your future, but what’s most important is getting the messages that will help you grow, thrive, and reach for your life’s most important goals. So many first-timers have said to me, “Just don’t tell me if I’m gonna die.” We are ALL going to die. Your guides have no interest in sharing information you cannot change. More likely is they will reveal potential danger, but never your death unless it can be prevented. Remember that you’re not supposed to know everything or life would no longer get to teach it to you. 

4) Take Notes 

Brains are funny things and we’re all guilty of twisting up something we didn’t like the sound of to make it easier on ourselves. Notes will help keep you on track. Remember, this is not someone’s opinion—this is valuable advice straight from your guides. When you revisit your notes months down the road, you’ll be astonished at the advice you were given and thrilled that you took it. On the flip side, hindsight is 2020. You might not have taken it, but now see how delaying the inevitable has stalled your journey. This is always a tough lesson, but lessons are what you’re here for. A psychic reading can help you build important strategy for the months ahead, which is why documenting it is so important. Think of your reading as a blueprint for your future. Your guides are the architect and you’re the builder. 

5) Send 

Just like my story with Sebastian and the skeptic, push yourself forward. You hide things from yourself—we all do! Your psychic will be better at seeing and revealing them if you push such things from your darkest corners. It’s always okay to tell your psychic what you most want out of the reading. I always ask at the beginning of mine, “What do you most want to look into today?” Sometimes your guides will have their own agenda and your psychic will have to keep steering them back to whatever it is you’re most curious about. It’s always okay to give your psychic backstory. We see A LOT of confusing imagery as your guides figure out how to communicate with us. Knowing you’re deciding between two jobs, thinking about moving, or wondering if your partner has been faithful, can help speed up the process. There is absolutely no point in making it more difficult for your psychic. Our job is to help. Don’t be like the skeptic stalling the natural flow. Push your energy and truths forward. Trust me, we’ve heard it ALL and seen even more! Don’t waste time with doubt, shame, or fear. Give us all you’ve got and we’ll give you the reading of a lifetime! 

Life is all about returns on the work you put in. A little prep can go a long way in getting a remarkable psychic reading that can blow your mind and change your life for the better. 

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