noun [ feminine ] /’streɡa/

Italian for witch, magickal woman, sorceress, practitioner of witchcraft with Southern European roots, but also includes Italian American witchcraft


proper noun [ feminine ] /’streɡ/

A community of spiritual advisors and vendors created by real spiritualists

We're Not Like Other Psychic Sites

Stregsy was founded after recognizing a gap in the spiritual community where likeminded individuals could connect to serve, seek, and discover. 

Independent psychics, mediums, healers, instructors, vendors and more were finding it difficult to connect with people seeking their gifts and merchandise. 

We knew there had to be a better way to connect seekers with quality advisors, without using the oppressive pay-per-minute format. When you need guidance, you definitely don’t need to be watching the clock. Our platform allows advisors and clients to schedule a no-hassle session, show up prepared, and get answers. It’s that simple.

Welcome to the new world of woo. Your future looks bright with Stregsy! 

Co-Founder & HWIC (Head Witch in Charge)

As a psychic-medium, astrologer, best-selling author, and podcaster, I’ve always been passionate about empowering the unique qualities of others. After working as a reader for several of the most prominent phone psychic websites in the world, I felt like my light was being diminished. I didn’t like the unethical practices of these companies, towards their readers or towards the clients seeking help. That’s why I co-founded Stregsy! My goal is to help you step into your power within a safe and encouraging community of gifted readers.

When I’m not witching it up or speaking to the dead, you can find me fostering animals and pushing my plant-based agenda (it really does improve your psychic abilities!). 

Check out Angela’s readings, Psychic Development Masterclass, and MORE at her Stregsy shop!

Sarah Elizabeth

Co-Founder & HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge)

As an award-winning entrepreneur, business consultant, marketing nerd, and super obvious Virgo, connecting people has always been my passion. I co-founded Stregsy to unite spiritually inclined folks on an easy-to-use platform that motivates, inspires, and puts you on your sacred path.

When I’m not building businesses, you can find me in Sedona, Arizona clutching my hematite crystals and trying to turn off my chatty brain (tryyyying—this is never an easy task for a Virgo!).

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