September 22nd - October 22nd

The Scales * Ruled by Venus * Air Sign
Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair, and flirty, these social butterflies appreciate beauty in all forms. As much as they avoid conflict, Libra will sacrifice anything for equality and peace. This sign is gentle, alluring, and easy to love. Look to Libra when you need help finding your balance.

What does it mean if your Sun Sign is Libra?

The Good News: Represented in the zodiac by The Scales, Libras (*September 22nd – October 22nd) strive for perfect balance in every aspect of life. Because of this, one would think that Libras are balanced, even-tempered, and calm. You would be wrong. The pursuit for perfection can be frustrating, and this air sign knows no limits to their impatience. It is possible for Libra to achieve balance, and when they do those moments are absolute heaven. But there is always a bit of chaos before the trays on the scales balance—when the weights are uneven, when a little more needs to be added to one side or the other and frustration builds—this too, is Libra. This sign is considered a bundle of contradictions (although definitely not as much as Gemini). This is a common trait among all the air signs, but it is especially noticeable in Libra.

Libras, as ruled by Venus, are one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac. It’s natural for Libras to be warm and friendly, drifting from flirtation to flirtation. At times, they can take over a conversation, and then just as suddenly transform into the perfect listener. Their consistent fairness makes them a perfect mediator, but after a wonderful track record at settling arguments, they’ll choose sides and start a fresh argument just for the fun of it. (It should come as no surprise that Judge Judy is a Libra.) When balanced, they’re easygoing, diplomatic, and charming.

One of a Libra’s favorite statements is, “But on the other hand…”

Libra constantly searches for the truth. They enjoy a good debate, and won’t hesitate to take the other side of an argument solely for the sake of argument. They cannot stand the idea of unfairness or prejudice, and will not hesitate to challenge someone on broad generalizations, even though they prefer to live without confrontation.

Above all else, Libra is a dreamer. They allow their feelings and fantasizes to wander, even if they’re hesitant to act on them.

The Bad News:  When they’re not balanced, they are just as easily gullible and resentful. A Libra can be prone to indecision. Libras hate to make decisions without analyzing all of the possible outcomes, and all of that forethought can be maddening to others, especially those born under more impulsive signs. That indecision can also lead to the Libra being influenced by others. When off kilter, they will suck up all the energy in the room and exhaust all around them. When they have a crush, they can go an entire lifetime without ever acting on it. Their dreaminess can often take the shape of morbid fantasies that freeze them. It can be very difficult for a Libra to become unstuck.

What does it mean if your Rising Sign is Libra?

If you’re a Libra Ascendant, you probably take at least 30 minutes to make the simplest of choices. You’re plagued by indecision—if you and your friends are going out, you’ll need an extra two hours to decide which shirt you want to wear. You spend a lot of time on your appearance and probably have a favorite beauty influencer (or several). However, there is unparalleled charm to your personality—you’re warm and welcoming, especially because you don’t form judgments right away. You also hate conflict and avoid it at all costs, which can sometimes lead to passive-aggressive behaviors. On the flip side, you’re excellent at meditating other people’s conflict. Your friends and loved ones respect your opinions.

Famous Cancers Include: e.e. Cummings (Sun and Venus in Libra), Matt Damon (Sun and Mercury in Libra), Zac Efron (Sun and Mars in Libra), Eminem (Sun, Venus, and Mars in Libra), Sarah Ferguson (Sun and Mars in Libra), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra), Angela Lansbury (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Libra), Avril Lavigne, John Lennon (Sun and Mars in Libra), Heather Locklear (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Libra), Emily Post (Authority on etiquette – Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Libra), Kelly Preston (Sun and Mercury in Libra), Christopher Reeve (Sun and Mercury in Libra), Susan Sarandon (Sun and Mercury in Libra), Alicia Silverstone (Sun and Mars in Libra), Bruce Springsteen (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Libra), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Sun and Ascendant in Libra), Kate Winslet (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Libra), Yo Yo Ma (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Sun and Mercury in Libra)

*If you are born around the 22nd of the month, be sure to look up your birth date and time to learn which sign you are using an ephemeris or trusted astrology website.

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